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What is Garena Free Fire?

This is a Battle Royale game that happens to be the most downloaded Battle Royale game of all time and it has currently over 1 Million+ lifetime downloads on android. The name Battle Royale came from the Japanese movie Battle Royale in the year 2000 and this movie is based on a novel named Battle Royale by a Japanese author Koushun Takami and this was the first novel of Koushun Takami.

What is the Battle Royale game?

When was Garena Free Fire released?

Battle Royale means an online multiplayer online game in which players compete with other players or teams and have to kill other teams(in the game) that leads to their victory(BOOYAH). You can chat live with your team through voice chat so that every member can discuss the strategy or plans to get to the victory.

On 23rd March 2017, a Battle Royale Pc game was launched, known by PUBG(Player’s Unknown Battleground), which became a revolution in the Battle Royale world and became the first choice of Gamers. After knowing PUBG(Player’s Unknown Battleground), Forrest Xiaodong Li, the founder of Garena, came with an idea to develop a Battle Royale game that can be played on smartphones which were used by a majority of people.

Forrest Xiaodong Li didn’t know that this idea can make him a Billionaire in a short period of time and then he gave this work to his own game development company 111dots Studio to develop a Battle Royale game that can work only on smartphones. And it’s impressive that after 7 months the 111dots Studio developed and launched the Beta version of the Battle Royale game named Free Fire that can actually work on mobile platforms. The Beta version of this game was launched on 20th November 2017.

Now, what is the Beta version?

Beta version is a version that is only available for limited users to play and test the game and give reviews about it so that the developers can fix any types of bugs that is available on the game that can reflect the final release of the game so that the users can get a better gaming experience. After the Beta version, the Free Fire game was finally released on 4th December 2017 and got very popular today. The Free Fire got a 4.2/5 star rating on Google Play and about 94M reviews(Updated on August 18, 2021).

The Free Fire game size is very low in comparison to PUBG(Player’s Unknown Battleground) which is nearly 3 times lower than PUBG. Free Fire can be also can be played on low-end devices which is the best thing, people or gamer’s who don’t have a high-budget smartphone can also play Free Fire very smoothly this makes this game more specific and best for battle royale lovers.
And also there is good news that Forrest Xiaodong Li founder of Free Fire also working on an advanced version of Free Fire which will be known as Free Fire Max. Well, it is not clear that the Free Fire Max when will be released and what will be the new features of it.

How Garena Free Fire became popular?

Features Of Free Fire –

  • Free Fire has a lot of Guns and Snipers with colored skins(available on purchase).
  • All members can voice chat live to discuss the plans and strategy of gameplay.
  • It’s free of cost so you don’t have to pay for playing this game.
  • Has amazing graphics which look realistic in the game.
  • You can play with up to 50 players at a time.
  • Each team has 4 members so that they can have fun with voice chat during gameplay.
  • The game size is very low in comparison to other multiplayer games.
  • The game supports several languages so that it can be played worldwide.
  • You don’t have to root your phones to play this game.

Pros :

  • Multiplayer Supported.
  • Live voice chat.
  • Amazing realistic graphics.
  • Amazing gun skins.
  • Various characters in the game.
  • Very low in-game size.
  • Land in any specific space.
  • Different types of maps, select whatever you want to play with friends.

Cons :

The game storage files size can be huge so the phone should have a good storage memory.
The game is highly addictive so that the user can play it for many hours a day and that is a bad thing.

Game modes in Free Fire :


Classic mode is the default mode which already selected when the game starts. Total 50 players compete with each other in this mode. This mode has two maps one is Purgatory and the second is Bermuda, you can select only one of those to play. The Classic mode doesn’t require any additional rules to play and the last man standing wins.

2.Ranked Game

It is similar to the classic mode, it also has 50 players compete with each other it also has the same maps(Purgatory and Bermuda) but this time the maps are selected randomly on their own, you cannot select them personally. The difference in this mode is to get ranking points from the ranking system itself for participating in matches which helps them to advance to subsequent groups like Bronze, Silver, or Gold. If the player gets into the higher ranks that means he will face a higher challenge as the opponents also have high ranks.

3.Rush Hour

This mode has fast-paced gameplay in which the action area is much smaller and there can be only 20 players to compete with others so that the match can be much shorter because of the limited space.

4.Custom Game

This mode allows you to create a custom server by the custom tab. This model also has all the 3 modes described above. But it doesn’t allow the player to get ranking points because it’s totally custom and the user has the access to change anything that reflects on this mode.

5.Solo, Duo, and Squad

Solo– Only 1 player can compete with the other opponents and the rules are the same as described above. If the player is defeated then falls out of the game and the last man standing wins.

Duo– Only 2 players as a team can compete with other teams, the only difference is if 1 player gets knocked to the ground can be raised by the 2nd teammate, or gets killed by the opponents.

Squad– A 4 player gameplay considered as a team compete with the other teams and the last team standing wins.

10 Facts about Garena Free Fire

Facts about Garena Free Fire.

1.How did the name Garena Free Fire came:

The Free Fire game was released on 30th September 2017 by 111dots studio later they collaborated with a Singapore-based company Garena and then they changed the name to Garena Free Fire and released it worldwide.

2.What are the top five countries that play Free Fire the most:

India, Thailand, Brazil, Viet Nam, Indonesia are the top five countries that play Garena Free Fire the most.

3.Which Battle Royale was first released PUBG(Player’s Unknown Battleground) mobile or Garena Free Fire?

Free Fire was released on September 30th, 2017 and then PUBG mobile was released on February 2018.

4.Who is more popular Free Fire or PUBG(Player’s Unknown Battleground):

They both have their own popularity as based on their features, PUBG was popular because of its high-end graphics which was also a trouble for low-end device users and Free Fire was very popular because of its very low game size as compared to PUBG and can smoothly be played in low-end devices.

4.Is the Kalhari map was adapted from the real location:

Yes, the location Kalhari is situated in Africa which is known as Kalhari Desert and the Kalhari map has 13 locations which is also adapted from the reallocation of the Kalahari desert.

5.Which map is most played in Garena Free Fire:

Bermuda is the most played map in Garena Free Fire.

6.Which is the most powerful sniper in Garena Free Fire:

AWM is the most powerful sniper, it can penetrate the helmet with a single shot.

7.Can be killed by Airdrop:

You can get killed by the Airdrop if the Airdrop lands on you or you get hit by them which is just the opposite of PUBG(Player’s Unknown Battleground).

8.Is there any characters which are based on real-life:

1.Yes, there is a character named Chrono which is based on Portugal Football player Christiano Ronaldo and the character shares the same birthday as Christiano Ronaldo and also looks like him.

2.Another character named K is DJ KSHMR! which was revealed when the new music of Free Fire launched One More Round. This character has two modes which are Jiujitsu and Psychology Mode.

3.A massive amount of players from India also loves to play Free Fire so it also has a character from India who is a Bollywood actor named Hrithik Roshan as character name Jai in Free Fire. He is known as the son of a Soldier and believes in the path of justice.

4.Also, a character named Skyler is none other than Song Writer and Vietnamese Singer Son Tung.

9.Who is the man behind creating Free Fire:

Forrest Xiaodong Li is the man who got the idea to create a Battle Royale game that can be played on mobile phones. Forrest Xiaodong Li holds 45% of Garena’s shareholdings, which is the company that publishes Free Fire.

10.What is the role of Unity Engine in Free Fire:

The Free Fire Battle Royale game is developed by using Unity Engine. Not only Free Fire, but the Unity Engine was also used to develop amazing popular games like COD Mobile, Final Fantasy, and League of Legends.

What does the MOD APK have

free fire apk download 2021

Unlimited Coins

This is the most important feature that can help you to purchase anything without spending a single penny. The Unlimited coins you can buy characters appeals like a suit, hat and also you can buy special character which comes for a limited time offer and special gun skins and unlock unique abilities.

Unlimited Garena Shells

Garena Shells are the in-game currency by which you can buy many in-game upgrades and items weapons, gears, supplies, and many character skins. In this MOD Apk, you will get a lot of Garena Shells by which you can buy and unlock many amazing skins for popular guns like M4, AWM, and many of them.

Mod Menu

You will get a MOD Menu in this modded version and you’re going to love it because the MOD menu has a special feature or any setting you made like enable or disable Aim-bot with just one click. This feature is only available in MOD applications.


For playing the Garena Free Fire you need to master shooting as well as aiming because there are many playing this game daily and practice their aiming so it’s very hard to compete with the players but with the help of Aim-bot you don’t need to worry about aiming. The Aim-bot helps you to target your enemies automatically so that you can defeat the player with a headshot. By using Aim-bit you can get kills very easily.

Customize Character

Customize your character by changing the dress or anything that gives the character a better look which you love to see in them.

Wall Hack

It is also an amazing feature only available in MOD apk by which you can see through walls and also you can shoot through walls, only you have this feature your enemies cannot do this or either they didn’t get to know that where they getting shot from.

All Characters Unlocked

You can get all your characters unlocked if you use this modded version of the game, you cannot have it in the normal apk. You just have to buy all the stuff given in the modded version of this game for free. And it is very expensive to buy in the normal apk game, you have to spend every penny to buy any of the single stuff like coins, diamonds, skins, characters and much more which will be a trouble for hard-core a game lover.

Unlimited Health

Another feature which you’re going to love it that the GOD MODE option by which your health will be kind of unlimited. Whenever you get hit by your enemies your health gets fully restored to 100% automatically so you don’t have to worry about your health in the game. This feature helps you to enjoy the game and have fun with your friends without getting died in the game.

List of Free Fire Mod

  • Get Everything Unlimited including Diamonds and Coins.
  • You can choose any Character as all are Unlocked.
  • No Wall, that means fire across the wall.
  • No Fog and No Grass.
  • Safe to use and Download.
  • Anti-ban Feature.
  • Supported in all devices.
  • No Root.
  • AutoSave the game.
  • Update Automatically.
  • Easy to install.
  • You’ll get free Garena shells in the game.

How to Download Free fire MOD APK on Android

Follow these simple steps:

1.Download Free Fire MOD APK from the link given.
2.Download the OBB File from the link given.
3.Install the apk on your Andriod device.
4.Enable the “Unkown Sources” option from the security option in the settings.
5.Now extract the OBB.
6.Paste the Extracted file in File Manager Android>OBB.
7.Now open the Game and Enjoy.

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